Some Days Really Suck…and Some Days You Find a Monster in Your Laundry

Perspective can change everything, and the best in life is often what is unexpected, finding treasure when we’re not hunting.

One day, as Mike and I were folding clothes in the living room, he called me over. I came close and looked where he was pointing. And there was a monster in my laundry. We looked at it, laughed at it, and photographed it. Eventually, we captured it and took it upstairs, where it made itself at home in my dresser and lived out its days quite content to be back in a cozy space, even though that space wasn’t a closet.

There is absolutely nothing profound about our monster, but it made my day to find something so out of the ordinary, so unlikely, and so endearing. And I hope to always stop and look twice, to not be so busy that the coolest moments slip by unnoticed, even if that means I must change positions.

I hope I never miss it.

Monster eyes in my laundry
The monster in my laundry


Some days really suck…and some days you find a monster in your laundry.

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