Some Days Really Suck…and Some Days You Advance

If you follow my author facebook page, you know I have a photo album dedicated to beauty and all out awesomeness. I decided to do this because bad days come to us all. But among our bad days are splashes of beauty and all out awesomeness, and it’s these little splashes that get me through the tough times.  As I add these splashes here, I hope they can make you smile and feel better too.

As I am about to head out to a Muay Thai test this morning (I’m not testing this time), I decided to start this category with a photo from my old facebook album but with a little explaination.

Arm bands are given to Muay Thai fighters by their Kru (instructor) and friends and family as a good luck charm before a match. At our school (Black Belt USA), our instructors Master and Dr. King also give them to students as they advance in Muay Thai. Any day you get one of these, or get a stripe added to one of these, is a very good day.

So today, I wish all of my fellows who are testing the best of luck and a very good day.


Muay Thai Arm Bands
Muay Thai Arm Bands






Yes, some days really suck, and some days you advance.











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