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Bedtime Stories, Page 2

A collection of short short stories to be read or told at bedtime.

A Dandelion Market

(For Michael Curran) “Why don’t you just spray them with something?” Sarah proffers with rising intonation as I scratch dandelions from the …

Quinn's Dragon - pen & marker

How Quinn Tamed the Dragon

(for Heather Almond, Quinn, Ryan, & Jake) Once upon a time, a little girl named Quinn lived with her mom, dad, and …

Dahlia in a Tree (Pen)

Dahlia & the Anacondas

(For Lynn Mooney and Daniel and Dahlia Acosta) Deep in the Amazon River basin, high in the trees’ thick canopy, Dahlia lived …

Quinn's Window & Moon

Why Ryan Went to the Moon

(For Heather Almond, Ryan, Quinn, and Jake) Once upon a time, a little boy named Ryan had a baby sister he loved …